Wearing crystals (does size matter?)

Wearing crystals (does size matter?)

Today I want to post a quick tip on how to work with your crystals.

Many people ask me if size matters when working with a crystal. The answer is YES, size is directly related to the energy field of the crystal. The area of influence is smaller with a smaller crystal.

When I am working with smaller crystals, I like to put them either directly on the skin, or through thinner fabric (when performing a crystal healing on myself or others,) or wear them close to my body. It also increases the field of influence if you create a crystal grid. This is an article that goes over a few ways to work with crystals large and small.


This is one of my favorite combinations to wear on almost a daily basis. It is Apophyllite, Tanzanite and Golden Azeztulite. The other cage holds a Herkimer Diamond to amplify the other crystals. The stones in that combination all are high frequency stones and they lift my consciousness and help me stay in a higher vibrational state. This means I am more connected with my spirit guides and my intuition. I places the crystals in a spiral cage, which are readily available. You can switch out the crystals if you want.


Another way you can invite the energies of the crystals into your life is with a bracelet of chips (small stones that are bound together in a stretchy bracelet. This one is Amazonite and I am wearing it for it’s calming properties, it also helps me to connect with my heart when communicating and it also helps me get my point across without getting too emotional. The dark stone is Black Tourmaline, which is very grounding and protective.



How do you wear your crystals? I would love to know! You can comment or message me directly if you have any questions.

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  1. I carry small spheres in crocheted necklace slings and pouches that I make. Today I’m carrying a howlite sphere with an amethyst sphere for calm and clarity. I wish I could wear bracelets but any bracelets or watches I try to wear usually end up breaking or ceasing to function.

    • Thanks for the reply, Jenny 🙂 I would love to see pics, I am wearing my fluorite earrings today to help me focus. I am running a circle today and am so excited about it. I wish you could be here!

  2. Just READING this post lifted my heart and vibrations. Thanks for sharing! I immediately realized that crystal earrings are conspicuously missing from my collection. I daily wear necklaces of Tangerine Lemurian, amber, and a leather medicine pouch I can put any crystals that resonate that day into. Little guys in my pocket, where the fabric is really thin next to the skin, are also a favorite.

    • Thanks for reading, Paige. I love to hear how others wear their beloved crystals. It is just the perfect way to “work with” the ones you are resonating with.


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