Cord Cutting

During a Cord Cutting Session we examine and release ties from the past in your chosen relationship. (We work with one relationship at a time.) This is sometimes referred to as removing psychic cords of attachment.

During a Cord Cutting Session, we examine the relationship dynamics. This is healing in and of itself, we spend a good bit of the session processing what lived in that cord. 

Cutting a cord with another person does not hurt them in any way, it also does not have to sever the relationship, it just gets rid of the *yuck. * It releases the negative programming so you can move ahead in your life without that unhealthy cord affecting you anymore.

It doesn’t stop love or even connection, it just eliminates the toxic energies that pass between you and the other person.

You can cut cords of attachment, releasing unhealthy ties with anyone living or deceased, whether they are in or out of your life.

The process just makes life easier and helps to get you unstuck, and also aids you in “syncing up” with new and healthy relationships!

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 Please contact me if you have any questions about taking this gentle step towards dramatic transformation!

Please note that Cord Cutting work is an hour appointment by phone or Skype.    


“Kelly’s work is awesome. She performed a cord cutting with me a few days ago. I found it enlightening and healing and it helped me put together connections between experiences that I did not even know were there; I was able to start letting go of stuff I’ve carried around for a long time. I definitely “felt different” afterwards because after we got off the phone, I needed a nap and ended up sleeping deeply for about two and a half hours. Since the cord cutting, I have felt so much lighter! She will give you some homework to do, but do it, it’s fun!” ~ A. in California


“Days after the procedure, things/memories started to surface again. I was frustrated at first but now it’s different, because I still do think about him but its not with sadness or frustration anymore. I don’t dwell in the past, I don’t wish things were different, I don’t hold negative feelings. I believe that the cord removal has allowed me to move forward, realizing that I have a life ahead of me- which I anticipate with excitement. My heart feels “clean.” ~L. in Australia





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