How to Raise your Vibration with Crystals

How to Raise your Vibration with Crystals

This is part two in the series or three in how to raise your vibration. Today we are on one of my favorite subjects: Crystals!


As I discussed yesterday, everything is energy, and everything has a frequency.  Everything that comes into our personal energy field affects our frequency, we tend to match our vibration to the things around us (we also can affect the frequencies around us, especially if we are feeling strong emotions.)

I love crystals because of their strong and stable frequencies,  they came in various frequencies and working with high vibe crystals is a great way to raise your own frequencies. If you want more information on how to work with crystals, see my blog post: How to Work With a Crystal.,’ I have listed several ways to employ them in your everyday life.

I am going to share 5 of my favorites:

1. Celestite~  A lovely crystal that is usually light blue, sometimes clear, it has a wonderfully high vibration and will help you connect to the angelic realm. It helps you become aware of, and communicate with angels and guides. It encourages spiritual development, especially if you’re feeling stuck.  It helps you feel at home in the higher dimensions. It helps with developing psychic abilities and is great for astral travel, for that reason, ir is an excellent one for dream work. Have it by your bedside, or under your pillow as you sleep. (be careful though because it is fragile.)


2.Danburite~ It’s gentle and uplifting and it stimulates the heart chakra. It attunes your heart with your higher chakras. It’s also powerful in opening your third eye. I love Danburite because it really eases stress. It is usually clear, but it sometimes carries a gentle pink.


3.Moldavite~ A stone (a meteor)of transformation, also a strong heart chakra stone. It helps bring spiritual awakening in a big way, and helps you find your life’s path. It stimulates powerful change, work with it only if you are ready to invite change into your life.  Also powerful psychic protection against low level entities and lower vibratory states because of it’s high frequency.


4.Herkimer Diamond~ The most powerful and high vibrational crystal in the quartz family. They are a powerful amplifier of your own energy, or other crystals when you combine them. I like to combine it with Moldavite.  It’s another crystal that will help with astral travel and psychic awakening.


5.Selenite~ Is easy to find, and not very expensive, it carries an extremely high vibration and it blasts open the higher chakras. It’s also an energy amplifier. It brings celestial energies down through your higher chakras into your body/energy field. It is also a powerful cleansing force.


Try tucking these in your pillowcase at night and see what you dream! I used to keep a dream log with crystals. I would write down the crystal and the dreams I had,  it was interesting to see how the dreams and quality of sleep was affected by the different crystals. You can also wear them as jewelry, or carry them in your pocket. If you want to read more about how to work with crystals, see this post.


Have you worked with crystals? I would love to hear about your favorite crystal. Please comment below.

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  1. Interesting, I’ve only used Selenite for clearing other crystals. I will try using it for some dreamwork soon. I also see a trip to the store in my near future, to pick up the others stones 🙂

  2. Interesting, I will have to try a couple of those 🙂

  3. I just got a piece of moldavite that I am so excited about.

  4. Thanks Kelly! I love working with crystals too 🙂 My favorites are rose quartz, rhodochrosite, amethyst and citrine.

  5. I so love crystals! I personally sleep with citrine, rose quartz, and sometimes tiger eye…oh, that sounds dirty 😉

    Anyway, I ‘ve found my quality of sleep is much better since I began this practice. And I like to meditate with moldavite and/or clear quartz.

    • Yay, Monica! I love my quality of sleep when I sleep with my crystals. I like to log them and track it because I have had wakeful experiences with certain ones. It is interesting to track it!

  6. Thanks for sharing this post. Some of my all-time favorites are bloodstone, larimar, tiger iron, black tourmaline and sodalite. I used to make crystal jewelry and in fact made an incredibly elaborate headdress for my wedding that included amber, malachite, peridot and a bunch of other earthy stones. I felt like a goddess!

    • OMG, Carrie, that headpiece sounds fantastic!!

  7. I have so much selenite here! I’ll get it out today and put it in the sun and see what it says to me! Thanks for the timely reminder Kelly.

  8. I keep rose quartz in my jewelry box. I also have a pendulum. I use it when I really need to get a non human point of view on something I am needing answers to.

    • Thank you, Joe. I have a very special rose quartz as well. Thanks for the reminder.


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