Personal vacation, short but sweet.

Personal vacation, short but sweet.

 I have been putting my focus on school and connection with others, talking, exploring and making new friends. I recently went to the beach so I could renew my spirit, feel the salt air and allow the beach breezes to wash away any residual pain I had hanging around in my life.


The beach has always been a healing place for me, I love to let the waves lap against my feet and feel the sand being pulled back out to sea.


kelly st claire beachI love to feel the sun on my face, to soak in the vitamin D and bring out my freckles. I feel good as I read whatever I please, not necessarily for school, but things that inspire me, let me escape, teach me all about life-stuff… Nice, relaxing escape.

I had to focus on school a bit because I didn’t have a Spring Break like some others had. I had to create my own break and though it was short, I was able to clear some of the downloads that were stuck in my brain and body.

Every morning I got to see the beautiful sunrise, and enjoy my coffee on the chilly deck, wrapped in a sweater and blanket.


How about you?

What do you love?

What renews you?


KSC-CAS2Do you have downloads in your body that you needs to clear so you can be more efficient, effective? Clean? Pure?

IMG_1175 2

I created sand hearts and butterflies for love and transformation. I brought some sand home.


xoxo, Love to you <3



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