Malachite as a Pain Reliever

Malachite as a Pain Reliever

Malachite is not only good as a healing catalyst for emotional “heart” pain, it is also an excellent stone to aid in physical pain. Malachite is a very protective stone and it helps the body’s different elements to gather together and create balance (Malachite means business!!) This includes actual physical pain.


I have spoken of my arthritic dog before. He is a young guy(only 5,) way too young to suffer all of that pain. Malachite is one of the major stones I use for his pain relief. Of course, I must warn that it is TOXIC if you put it in your mouth, or drink as an elixir. You must keep a close watch when using Malachite around an animal or a child so they don’t lick it or put it in their mouths.


That being said, I use a grid around my dog, Cinnamon, leaving it in place about 15 minutes (or scooping up the stones if he gets up and walks away. Animals will let you know when they have had enough, and likely the stone’s energy has done it’s job at that point.


During crystal healing sessions I will apply a Malachite over an area of pain to break up the congestion and relieve the pain.


A power combo for pain relief is Malachite and green Fuschite.


Green Fuschite is excellent for relieving both emotional and physical pain and in my experience, it blends so well with Malachite to take care of acute pain.


Malachite is rather easy to come by, it is a good one to keep in your tool kit, even as a first aid stone. I have used it for toothaches, muscle pain, headaches, arthritic aches and pains, and any kind of pain.


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  1. That is good info to have around for my chronic pain, thank you :) I also had a dog once who had arthritis when he was young, our solution was a bit more practical though. I started making all of his dog food at home, including the biscuits, and he showed improvement right away. I’ve heard it’s the preservatives in commercially prepared food that contributes to arthritis, but I have no science to back that up except for a pain free dog.

    • Oh, I believe nutrition helps, most definitely! Nutrient-dense foods are so important to feed their bodies so they can find balance. I believe that from experience with myself and my animal friends :) I also give my dog a supplement with Glucosomine and C. Reiki also helps. It is hard to see your animal in pain. About commercially prepared foods, they are full of grains and filler (corn, etc.) which dogs do not need and science actually does back up the fact that grains are not necessarily the best thing and they can actually cause inflammation. (I don’t have it in front of me, look at for good info on grains) Kudos for making your dog’s food, and I’m so happy he is no longer in pain!!

  2. Malachite is my “go to” stone for menstrual cramps.

    • That is a wonderful thing that I must try. I find that it helps with the shooting pains well, so that would fit :)


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