Hypothyroidism, updates and thoughts

Hypothyroidism, updates and thoughts


I recently made a discovery about my health. I was feeling numbness in my limbs and I had quickly gained weight, and despite the fact that I had a pretty clean diet and daily yoga, it didn’t budge.  To say I was frustrated is an understatement! Being slow and always sleepy is not my natural state. I had been active and energetic before, and that progressed into constantly falling asleep in my comfortable wing back chair.


I found myself in the local urgent care because of the numbness, that was so scary and I kept thinking the worst, got caught up in fear. The Dr’s were actually nice and helpful… They tested my blood for everything imaginable.


It turned out that I must not be absorbing all of the wholesome nutrients I was taking in. I was extremely iron poor, my blood pressure was scarily low and my thyroid function was also low.


That’s one of the reason I was apparently not absorbing the goodness from what I was eating. I ate iron-rich foods such ad greens and lentils, and I have always been conscious of my iron intake.


At first I was relieved…


56569829 - meditating woman. vishuddha chakra affirmation.all of the weight gain and sluggishness was a result of something I “had no control” over! I will admit that the weight bothered me, I felt unable to see my clients, who come to me for wellness and healthy ways of living and being. How could they take me seriously? Now that I knew the problem I could do something about it.


I also admit that this brought up issues about the body positive movement.


I was acutely aware of my relationship with my body, I felt is wasn’t ‘perfect’ and I felt the judgment of others about how I could be so fat and lazy.

I became angered because I admit I bought into it about myself… I appreciate all body sizes and shapes on others, but the fact that I actually was happy about a diagnosis of hypothyroidism was telling.. It was my excuse for getting in that horrible state.


I call bullshit on myself!


My body is just as beautiful as the other curvy beauties I see and appreciate. I don’t judge, but I felt judged, especially by myself. I hurriedly told others I felt judged by all about my great excuse because (if I admit it,) I wanted acceptance.


I will say that this society judgment of others about their bodies also goes the other way… Some are judged as “too skinny”, “stick figures” and other names, the difference that mostly those insults are said to their faces, as if a compliment to have their body criticized. Both are unacceptable, it is awful to make negative comments about the bodies of others. Period.


clean eating vegetablesSo, back to my diagnosis. My main thing is not that I want to reclaim my health. Some of the treatments consist of meds/ supplements derived from pigs!! No way! I have adopted a plant based diet and there is no way I will contribute to the cruel killing of pigs! I decided to heal through nutrition and yoga and permanent lifestyle changes. So far it’s going well. I am feeling much more energetic and am working with a nutritionist to help me heal my endocrine system. Step #1 is to clear the sugar from my body. I’ve been eating mostly beans, nuts, seeds and vegetables. It’s satisfying. Plenty of healthy fats. So that’s going well.


I wanted to share this because I realize that many of you may have this same problem, it’s something many Dr’s don’t really test for, and sometimes you appear to be in the normal range but still have an imbalance. I have been studying the many ways you can heal yourself, including adrenal fatigue, which sometimes goes hand in hand with thyroid imbalances.


So, definitely find a *good* Dr who you feel heard by, they are out there. They are good for the purely physical aspects, they help cure symptoms though. I strong urge you to explore the root of the problem as well. I’m talking about the emotional things you’ve repressed and may be contributed to the dis-EASE. Think on when your symptoms started and gather clues about your relationship with this imbalance. It’s such a personal thing.


I’m currently deep into my own healing. It doesn’t matter about my weight in terms of looks, I want a healthy body, so the loss of weight is happening naturally.


Have you had this diagnosis? Do you feel tired and sluggish? I’m here if you ever want to talk. I can share what I’m learning. I’m open for Wellness appointments. I’m currently accepting clients into my services at very accessible, affordable rates. I will be offering these exceptions through the Summer. Check out my offers and if you need assistance or need something different than you see, please write to me. I will customize something just for you.



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