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If I had to guess, I’d say you’re here because you’re looking for a different way to be in your body. A way where you could love it for all the goodness it brings and from that place of gratitude, make some changes to how you live in your body. This includes how you nourish and move your body.




kelly st claireIf so, you’re not alone. Pretty much everyone I’ve met faces that same challenge. And we all go to that judgy place where we compare our outside to everyone else’s. Somehow, that just makes us feel worse, doesn’t it?


I’ve bullied and hated my body for so long and that didn’t change anything. It was only when I made the choice to love who I am, just as I am that things began to shift.


It really IS just a choice. That’s all.

And I’m not even talking about a choice between ice cream or salad, either

*It’s the choice to love yourself more fully and with gratitude.

*It’s the choice to care for your body as the sacred home of your amazing soul.

*It’s the choice to release the judgement and the fear and trust that you really can have a body you love being in, no matter the size or shape.


What could change for you if you opened up to a different choice than the one you’ve been making all along?


How would your life look different if you adored your sweet body and trusted it to tell you what it needs? (That’s called intuitive eating and I do it. Big change! Seriously.)

Would you be willing to look at all that can be different for you? Then I invite you to connect privately with me and share what’s going on. I’ll offer options, perspectives and some intuitive nudges that will open the door for you.


Are you ready? I am!


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No worries! Just CLICK HERE and leave me a message. I really want to meet you so I will make sure we find a time.


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