Crystals for Sleep and Dreaming

Crystals for Sleep and Dreaming

How are you sleeping lately? Do you get enough sleep? I have been sleeping like a rock lately and I would love to help you do the same.

Down time is necessary for rejuvenating your physical organs, it actually helps you to lose weight (the lack of sleep can produce stress hormones that keep weight on you.) Sleep also nourishes your creativity! Haven’t you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the perfect idea? a solution or some sort of inspiration?

Dreams are the doorways into other worlds, if you indulge in your entire sleep cycle then you will dream deeply and will be able to really tap into your intuition as well as  connect with your spirit guides and angels and other mysterious spiritual teachers.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Maybe a broken sleep cycle? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help? I am here to share with you how crystals can help with sleep and dreams.


One of my favorites is the easily found Amethyst. I experience Amethyst to be a natural tranquilizer, and it helps you to have vivid dreams and to remember them. Make sure to keep an empty notebook by your bed to write down what comes to you.

For relaxation and to help you fall asleep, Howlite. Make sure it is not the dyed blue Howlite, I like the natural white with black markings. It is a powerful calmer. It calms turbulent emotions and if those are keeping you up, Howlite is great!

For racing thoughts, I love Blue Calcite. It helps soften the psychic input and if you are empathic and take on the problems and emotions (are easily influenced by) others, this is the ticket for you!





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