How crystals can help you lose weight

How crystals can help you lose weight

Among all of the methods for weight loss, you cannot ignore exercise and eating clean and watching your portion sizes. I personally have become addicted to working out, I have a routine, every morning I get up before the sun and get my workout done before I start my day. When I skip it, I can feel it. I am grumpy, and I just don’t feel myself. This doesn’t include my weekly rest day (which is also important.)


We need to care for our physical body like that, but there are other factors at play, and we are more than our physical bodies. We are also made up of our emotions our mind and our spirit. We are made of measurable and unmeasurable energy, and if we ignore that and only focus on the physical aspect of our workouts and food, we may not be successful in the long run. Weight loss is attainable, but without looking at yourself as a whole, it may not be sustainable.


There are many other ways to nurture your energy body as a part of the whole, and one way is to work with crystals.


How Crystals help~


Imbalances in the energetic body can manifest as excess weight and a general state of imbalance (physically, mentally and emotionally.) By taking care of potential problems before they hit your physical body, we can ward off dis-ease even before it manifests in your body.

Crystal placement on and around your body supports health (thus a healthy weight) by the principle of entrainment; energy of a stronger and higher frequency will dominate a similar frequency of a lower and more unstable amplitude.  As humans, we are highly influenced by frequencies, especially stable frequencies (like crystals,) we are highly responsive to the effects of crystals.

Crystals and stones/minerals emit frequencies that don’t vary significantly, they are stable transmitters, and geometrically perfect. When they are placed within our close environment, they entrain us to meet their perfect vibrations. This varies with the the frequencies and other properties of the carefully chosen stone.

Humans are easily knocked out of balance by the stresses of everyday life while crystals remain steady.  Since our bodies act as receivers, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems are constantly tuning into our environment. I don’t know about you, but when I look around at the general environment, I can’t help but notice how chaotic it can seem. Modern life holds many stresses and challenges that can affect our weight as well as our general health and well being.


Crystal healing entrains us to carefully chosen frequencies of the crystals, leaving us relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced.



Top 3 ways to work with crystals for weight loss.


I have been asked many times, “how do you ‘work with ‘ crystals?” besides having them in bowls around the house looking pretty. In addition to having a session with Crystal Healer, there are simple ways to invite their energies into your life.


**Wearing them~~ 

I will suggest choosing one of the crystals that appeals to you (or two) and wearing them, you can buy “cages” to place them in so you can wear them around your neck, as well as wearing them in jewelry or in your pocket, even tucked in your bra. The smaller the crystal is, it is more important to wear it closer to your body so you can entrain to the vibration and properties of the chosen crystal.


You can also make a ‘mojo bag’ where you combine crystals and other materials such as herbs, slips of paper with an intention written on it in a small bag that you carry with you on your body, or even sleep with it under your pillow.


**Crystal Grids~~

A crystal grid is a formation of crystals aligned in a pattern that matches your intention. Most often powerfully following sacred geometrical shapes such as the Octahetron, Tetrahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosohedron, and also sacred formations like the Spiral, Circle, the Lemniscate and the Tree of Life. Grids can be made over any symbol with a meaning like Reiki symbols and symbols that have personal meaning to you.


You can create a crystal grid by placing crystals in a pattern aligned with the points and connecting areas in your chosen shapes. Crystal energy can be amplified when placed in a sacred pattern.



When I make a grid,  I make my crystal choices based on the intention and effects I am looking for.


For more detailed information on creating crystal grids, this is a great book to reference.


**Gem Elixirs~~


A gem elixir is similar to homeopathic medicine and flower essences. The energetic imprint of the mineral is communicated to the water and able to be administered by mouth (see these toxic stone warnings) topically, or sprayed into the air. The essence of the minerals treat our energetic and emotional bodies.


An elixir is relatively easy to make, first you have to decide on your intention, then choose your crystals, and again, you will need to consult a good list of the crystals that are toxic to be taken internally, and of course avoid those. You also need to be aware of which crystals are safe to be placed in water. Crystals that are too soft, or crumbly will not be good or safe to use in an elixir, you can look up their hardness here. Anything below a 5 in the Mohs hardness scale is best not to be used.


To learn more about making gem elixirs, this is a complete guide to creating your own.


How do I choose which crystal to work with~


Photo11There is an abundance of material written about the known properties of crystals, you can consult the books. I personally like to see which crystals I am drawn to and meditate with it, sleep with it under my pillow, wear it in my pocket, and then after I have my own feel for it then I will look it up to compare.


Another way to choose a crystal is by color. In many instances, weight loss is an imbalance in one of your chakras. In relation to weight loss the ROOT chakra would be our connectedness to the earth and our physical body. The SACRAL chakra would be our physical energy and our metabolism and creative energy. The SOLAR PLEXUS chakra is our self esteem and confidence. Our HEART chakra would have to do with the self-love and forgiveness we need to have to forge a healthy relationship with our bodies. The THROAT chakra would be about speaking our truth, sometimes when we “stuff” our words we will tend to overeat to compensate emotionally. Our THIRD EYE chakra would help us have the wisdom to be able to see our patterns and how it is affecting us in our goals. The CROWN chakra is our connectedness with spirit and our true nature, divine wisdom.



General Crystals that are good for Weight Loss~


Bloodstone~ is a great purifier and detoxifier, it really cleanses the auric field and it’s important to start there when making concrete physical changes. Once it is clear in the energetic bodies, that translates to the physical level.  One of the predominant qualities in Bloodstone is courage and determination. This is very helpful when looking at making profound changes, especially when it requires self discipline because Bloodstone also helps with determination. Bloodstone will help you keep on your path even when it is hard.




Sodalite~ will help you recognize patterns and have insight into them so you can work with them, and in the case of weight loss, this is important.  Many times we are so unaware of even being stuck in a pattern rather we are a product of our habits. Sodalite also helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses. It is a stone of spiritual awareness, and this is important when stepping on any path like the path to a healthier body/mind and spirit.


Clear Calcite~  helps to amplify and “ground” your intentions into the physical world, or the ideas of losing the weight into the physical reality of the weight loss. Clear Calcite will remove energetic blockages and dissolve stagnant and dense energy. In my experience, all of the Calcites are a health tonic to the body and will balance the metabolism.


Red Calcite~ Robert Simmons in the ‘Book of Stones’ calls Red Calcite a stone of ‘soft vitality,’ meaning that energizes and brings in additional life force energy into the root chakra in a “soft” way that is very easy to accept. Red Calcite also regulates hormones and is great for weight gain associated with changing hormones such as at menopause and after having a baby.


Orange Calcite~ is especially great to bring energy and motivation, it also helps you break free from old ways (such as poor eating habits.) It is also great for balancing hormones as well as great for the metabolism and the digestive system.

Red Calcite

Red Calcite


Apatite~ helps control the desire to overeat, helps to keep you from eating when you’re not hungry (calming the “appetite.”) It also helps in accessing the karmic reasons for the current situation. If there is an issue with weight, it will help you to see the spiritual origin.


Clear Quartz~ is a great amplifier and transmitter and it’s chemical structure is so connected with our physical bodies that it is natural to include it in all grids, elixirs and combined with other crystals you would like to amplify.




Stones to help with Emotional Eating and Body Image~


Lepidolite~ is one of the best stones to reach for when dealing with stress and anxiety. It calms stress and that general anxious feeling. 

It is helpful for those suffering from depression and it enhances a healthy sense of well being. It is extremely relaxing and soothing, much better to reach for at the end of a hard day than takeout and ice cream.


Rose Quartz~ will boost all feelings of love, especially love for yourself.  It is good for compassion and forgiveness. It is really important to be gentle and loving with yourself when dealing with body image issues. Rose Quartz can help you love your body just the way it is and that is key to being able to make healthy changes. If you try to change without first accepting where you are, it is not sustainable.


Kelly approaches a Wellness and Self-Empowerment through an intuitive and instinctual lens, and takes both a physical AND an energetic approach. It is not “one size fits all.”

Her mission is to help you connect your intuition with your health. Gain control of your meal plans so you can learn how to intuitively plan and prepare meals. No more grabbing fast food because you either don’t have time or have nothing to eat!

If you want to set up a free consultation to see if she can serve you, CONTACT her. No pressure, only connection.

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  1. You can also make an elixir by putting your gemstones in a small glass bowl, and setting that inside a larger bowl with water in it. The energy will transfer without direct contact between the gemstones and the water. I have used this method successfully to make an elixir from the gemstones in a necklace that is strung with silk thread. I did not want to get the necklace wet. I learned this technique from the proprietor of a very good crystal shop.



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