How crystals can help you be beautiful.

How crystals can help you be beautiful.

What do crystals and beauty have in common? How can you work with crystals to enhance beauty (both inner and outer?) For continuity, I will use the word ‘crystal’ throughout this post, rather than specifying a rock or mineral or volcanic glass.


1~ Crystals can eliminate those stubborn wrinkles.  Through entraining with the calming energies of certain crystals the many muscles of your face will relax and smooth those tension-lines that most of us have past our 20’s. Crystals like Blue Calcite, Moonstone, and Rose quartz. Howlite can reduce those scowl and worry lines. Relaxing with your chosen crystals over your third eye will help you relax tension from your face. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and allow yourself to soak in the relaxing effects.


2~ Grounding crystals help you to have good posture. When we are well grounded, we are energetically anchored into and connected with Mother earth. Being rooted and connected gives us a strong base, and when we draw in that strength and power, we naturally stand up straighter. Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Hematite are good grounding crystals,try meditating with one of these at your feet.


3~ Crystals can help you love yourself and have confidence. when you have confidence, a natural beauty shines through. Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Garnet will help boost self confidence, try tucking one in your bra.


4~Crystals can help you forgive, and a forgiving heart is a beautiful heart. Your loving spirit will shine through and you will be as beautiful inside as you are outside. Try Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz or Angelite. Tuck a crystal beneath your pillow and go into sleep with the intention to forgive. If you’re up for some deeper work, try meditating with some malachite on your solar plexus to bring up the nasty feelings you may have, and then balance it out  and release it by taking deep, cleansing breaths Place a Rose Quartz in a glass of water. Drink sips of the water and imagine your body filling with love and forgiveness.


5~ Crystals can bring out your passions, and a passionate heart has a charisma that draws people to us and brings out our wild beauty. Try Carnelian or Orange Calcite. Lay down and rest one of these right beside each hipbone. Keep them in place at least 5 minutes while you think about the things that you have passion for.


Since crystals have been a part of my life I have been able to embrace my sparkle and shine like the wonder that I am. You can do the same. I urge you to find your crystal ally, that kindred crystal that is specific to you. Which one are you the most drawn to? What colors make you feel alive? Try wearing the crystal itself as well as adding the color to your wardrobe, even if it is just your skivvies (you know it is there.) I would love to hear how you use crystals to be more beautiful inside and out!

If you need help finding your crystal ally, I am more than happy to help. Contact me with any questions and I will answer in the blog. XO

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  1. Kelly,

    I flipping love this post! Especially the idea of lying down with Howlite on the third eye and allowing yourself to relax into its vibes. So simple, so good, so effective!

    I’ve been having dreams lately about the past, and keep receiving messages that encourage me to release my old attachments which no longer serve me. I’ll definitely be sleeping with Rose Quartz under my pillow tonight!

    Thanks for the wisdom and keep shining, sister.


    • Hi Paige 🙂 Thank you so much for your reply! Definitely come back and let me know how it goes for you, entraining with crystals is so powerful!




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