Busy, busy, busy and thriving.

Busy, busy, busy and thriving.

Life has been a flurry lately. School is intense. Wonderfully intense… I’m so busy and thriving on learning/perfecting things related to all of my life. I’m currently neck deep in my Hypnotherapy training…


This will be a great addition to my coaching practice. It’s more complex than I thought, and so important and effective in helping others work with their deep internal programming. It’s rarely about the surface things you may think, but there are deeper reasons for everything… So we beautiful womam, silhouette, heartwork simultaneously with both the desired issue as well as confront the root program that’s running in your life. This is a new tool I’ve added to my toolbox! So amazing and effective.


Wellness and Lifestyle coaching is so fun! I am enjoying inspiring others in making sustainable changes in their lifestyles so change is possible. Whatever you need, I enjoy uncovering it. My goal is to make a difference.



I’m taking clients, and energized by working with them… I’m taking volunteers as well. I’m opening my local practice as well as still working with people at a distance. Luckily technology makes it possible to reach more people. This is a fun time in my life.



My inner goddess is alive! She is carrying me through this busy time, renewing me and offering me strength. She is there to help me be available for others.





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