How to beat anxiety with crystals

How to beat anxiety with crystals

I am frequently asked about how to work through anxiety with crystals, and if it is effective and which crystals are best. I know from personal experience how helpful crystals can be in gently treating anxiety and I am happy to share what worked with me and has helped my clients.


First of all, there are many different kinds of anxiety. A low level and constant feeling of unrest and nagging fear. There are fears that keep you awake with worry, obsessive thoughts and then =there is downright panic!  Which kinds of anxiety have you had?



By working with crystals, we are basically having them on or very close to our bodies and that allows us to entrain with their stable frequencies. Each crystal had a stable vibration, and also each stone has it’s own unique properties based on it’s color, element (mineral makeup) and rate of vibration, where it came from, many things factor in to knowing the properties of each crystal. Our goal is to resonate with the crystal, it is , in a sense, helping us along… Vibrating a stable frequency for us because when we are anxious it means our energy is all over the place.


Black tourmaline

One mineral that is a MUST to work with is Black Tourmaline. It is a master at transmuting energy that doesn’t serve you into a frequency that does serve you, or sends away the negative vibes. This stone is awesome at absorbing jittery, ungrounded anxious feelings, and I do believe that it’s a beneficial addition to anyone’s crystal kit. You can wear it, carry it in your pocket, when I sleep, if I am feeling out of sorts, I sometimes put small to medium sized Black Tourmalines in my socks while I sleep. Even if they are not there all night, they really help to bring you back into your body and  to ground those anxious feelings. it works with everything from generalized stressful feelings to downright panic.





Fluorite is helpful for those times when your thoughts are racing so fast that you can’t bring focus to one thing at a time. Fluorite helps to balance your mental forces and align them with your actions and your heart. Green fluorite is especially good for the heart connection. Meditating with fluorite in your hands is a great way to access those gifts that it brings to you.



Rose quartz is a heart healer. If your anxiety is riddled with sad feelings and/or grief, Rose quartz is a great one to pick up. I like to lay with the stone directly on my heart and breath in the calming feelings. Sleeping with it in your hands or beneath your pillow is another way to access it. I have a piece of Rose Quartz that has been with me since I was a teen. Through many breakups, griefs and life phases. It has given me so many nights of comfort over the years. Rose quartz is excellent to combine with Fluorite to help focus turbulent and overwhelming emotions and to calm things down on the mental level.


Lepidolite, actually contains lithium, which is a calming agent and is used to balance out the mood. Lepidolite helps in much the same way. It calms, soothes and heals the emotions. It calms excess mental chatter. It also helps to balance out depressive tendencies. Lepidolite combines well with Rose Quartz to sooth and balance the heart emotions.



To stop a panic and anxiety attack, take your chosen crystal and hold it in your hands. Take a deep breath and imagine it coming from the center of the earth and up through the base of your spine. As you breathe in feel the energy rising up your spinal column up through your crown and allow it to rise up out of your head and to cascade back down into the earth. Breather like this for a few minutes, until you feel a sense of calm. Then bring your attention to the crystals in your hands. Allow your breath to enter the crystals and imagine yourself as one with the crystal. Focus on how you feel, what colors do you feel or see in your mind’s eye? What sensations do you feel? Any thoughts or ideas? Pay attention to how you are feeling. Sit like this for a few moments and then when you feel ready, thank the crystal, wiggle your fingers and toes to come back into the room.


Another piece of advice I got about transforming fear is to really get into feeling your fear, and then since the feeling of excitement has very much the same physical response as fear like the racing heart, change the fear into excitement. Think about something you are joyful, happy and excited about and make that shift.  This has been a helpful one to me.


I would love to hear how you have worked with crystals to help with anxiety, so please feel free to leave a comment below. If you are going through a tough time and would like some personalized help, please contact me and we can set up a time to chat. Sometimes we feel anxious when we are not in touch with or in control of our intuitive gifts, as in sensitivities.


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