13 things you can do when you feel depressed

13 things you can do when you feel depressed

Do you suffer from depression? I do, and I tell you, it can be a bitch! I’m not talking about having a “bad day” and situational depression, which we all have occasionally. I am talking about when the deep, dark cloud that follows you wherever you go and renders you useless, fatigued, low, and not caring about anything enough to take action.

moody depressed worriedI am a fighter, and I have gotten through many a bout of the lows by burying myself in action and work, but don’t end up cooking, eat on an irregular schedule (and not healthy things) and I I neglect my surroundings by just leaving things around, and not having the order around me that I usually thrive on. For those who suffer from depression, it manifests differently.


I recently came through a particularly difficult bout with these demons as I often do in the winter when the sun is farther away and it is overcast for days on end. I did get work done and I was able to get by and serve my current clients pretty well. I was able to take care of others, but let myself go in many ways. I kept forgetting to eat, therefore had a very irregular schedule in both work and food (I usually thrive on schedule.) I stopped my workouts, which are one of my favorite things, noticed that I was gaining a bit of weight and though I suspected it was because of my irregular eating and poor choices (I am usually more of a health nut) when it was really because of something deeper.


I have learned a few ways through my life’s journey to pull out of a depression, and I wanted to share a few with you. Now that I am out of that hole and feel much better I am able to clearly see some of the things that helped me out. It is a continual journey, and I know it isn’t the last time. Life is full of cycles and we are not all meant to be “up” all of the time. Down time and dealing with personal demons and shadows is an important part of life, I am not proposing that you go for perfect, but leveling out your moods when they are extreme (both highs and lows) is a helpful way to be more effective in life.


1~ Don’t listen to people who tell you to “snap out of it.”~

Just don’t. Try not to be triggered, put your focus on detachment and not reacting to your anger at that misunderstood statement. Some people just don’t get it.


2~Dance and music~

I’m always recommending dancing and music as a way to pull out of the doldrums, put on something catchy, even a “guilty pleasure” song, and move. Dance goofy, even just sway back and forth or move your head to the music. Music is healing.


3~Omega-3 Fatty acids~

Omega 3 Fatty-acids play an important role in brain function, ease inflammation, improve mental health, and lengthen life overall. They have been shown to improve depression, even bipolar depression. I am not an expert, I urge you to seek more information and be careful of your source.


4~Amino Acids~

Recently a dear friend who was clued in to my suffering sent me a wonderful book that is full of information about leveling your moods with Amino Acids. It is ‘The Mood Cure’ by Julia Ross. It is full of great information, BUT, if you suffer from bipolar depression, be careful because it’s easy to trigger hypomania or mania. Again, I am not an expert, so this is a direction you can look into.


5~ Essential oils~

As I write this I am diffusing a Young Living blend called ‘Joy’ in a water diffuser next to me on my desk. I can’t tell you how much aromatherapy has helped me with energy and pulling through the doldrums. There are so many ways to approach depression with the oils. I like to diffuse them, rub them into my heart chakra area, put them on the bottom of my feet, wear them as a fragrance. The possibilities are endless. I do have some information/videos by experts in this subject that I can send you, and I will send you a link if you ask. Simply CONTACT me and ask.


6~ Chemical free living~

Think about all of the toxic chemicals that are in your life, home, cleaning and body care products. Replacing them with less toxic and natural options will improve your overall health, and this includes depression. I also have a wonderful video all about chemical free living that I can send you if you simply ask using my CONTACT form.


7~Clean eating~

I know you don’t feel like cooking when you’re depressed, most likely. I know that I have that issue when I am at my lowest. I will say that when you push through it and prepare simple foods for yourself, it helps immensely. The act of feeding your body with respect is often enough to improve your mood. I realize that this may not be an option when you are at the lowest point. Perhaps ask for help. Ask a family member to cook instead, ask a friend for help, or if those things are not an option, just make an effort to eat on a schedule.



Again, another challenge for some when you’re at the lowest point. Just know that when you push through and do something, it WILL improve your mood and give you a sense of accomplishment. Try YOGA, dancing, or Kettlebell Swings (which work your whole body as well as give you cardio.) Please look into that, it was the only thing I could do on the days when I did work out, and you can just do it 5 minutes. We all have 5 minutes.


9~ Massage and energy healing~

These things can be miraculous, they can release the toxins and tension that lie in your muscles. Energy healing like reiki, or vibrational healing like sound or crystal healing will clear and align your energy body and is very effective at healing/ supporting you through depression.


10~ Friendships~

I am lucky enough to have good friendships with people who are honest with me. I asked a dear friend if she sensed that i was going through a real depression and she did get honest with me. I was able to talk with her and she didn’t judge me. If you’re lucky enough to have a good friend, talk to them, but remember, they are not your therapist, so keep the friendship balanced and don’t be an emotional vampire by taking, taking, taking. Ask about their lives also.


11~ Therapy~

That brings me to therapy. I found a therapist who is also an energy healer. She does EFT, and other forms of energy clearing as well as talk therapy. I also had a relationship with a wonderful therapist for years and I saw her until she moved out of town. it took me several tries to find a good one who resonated with me. Interview a few until you find the right one.


12~ Coaching~

Coaching is not therapy, but a good coach can help you work through a lot of things. I work with women around those feelings of depression and poor self-image and help them step into their roles as leaders of their lives as well as step into their own greatness. I have many tools in my box that I bring out to use with my private clients. Including crystal healing, opening the Akashic Records, Tarot, Intuitive coaching around the issue of feeling so bad about yourself that you don’t want to Be Seen, which affects everything. I urge you to see which coach resonates with you. More information on what I offer HERE. Most offer sessions where you can talk a bit and both determine your fit and if the coach can serve you in the best way. If you want to chat with me for free to see if I can help in any way, CONTACT me.


13~~When all else fails~

Or in addition to these other things, don’t feel guilty about going to a trusted DR. I recommend first trying a Naturopath or a doctor that is friendly to chemical free living. Try a chiropractor or acupuncture doctor. Align yourself and seek help if you need to. I do recommend acupuncture highly, find a good and well trained acupuncturist in your area. If you’re in the Richmond, VA area, HERE is my recommendation.

Diane Lowry
HealthFocus Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
5030 Sadler Place, Ste 202
Glen Allen, VA 23060
(804) 467-1355

If you feel so dark that you wish you would just end, or just can’t function, no guilt about even turning to an allopathic DR. Sometimes meds will get you through. No guilt. No guilt, no guilt.



Kelly St Claire
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I offer Transformational Life Coaching where the focus it on helping you find a healthy attitude towards your body and how you treat and feed it. I also teach practical solutions for those who don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, those who have a hard time planning meals and sticking to a plan.

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